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Digest Logistics LTD has successfully passed an audit for IFS Logistics certification, which aims to ensure transparency throughout the supply chain. IFS Logistics combines the efforts of trade and industry to create transparency and trust throughout the supply chain. This IFS standard, specially developed for storage, distribution and transport, can be applied to logistics activities managing both food and non-food products. IFS Logistics is a standard for companies whose activity is related to logistics for food and non-food products such as transport, storage, loading / unloading, etc. IFS certification can offer a number of key advantages for companies striving to achieve excellent results in the quality and satisfaction of their customers and to seek a competitive advantage in the market:

  • Improving trust in suppliers and products;
  • Reduced supplier inspection time;
  • Ability to reduce individual audit costs by combining different audits simultaneously;
  • Improving the understanding between management and staff related to the implementation of procedures;
  • Monitoring compliance with food / non-food rules;
  • More efficient use of resources;
  • Reducing the need for customer inspections;
  • Independent third party audits;
  • Improving the commercial reputation as a supplier of high quality and safe products.

A significant part of the retail chains in the food industry require to work with certified logistics companies, because this guarantees the requirements to suppliers and end users regarding food safety.